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Graduate Certificate in Public Health Laboratory Sciences

An interdisciplinary program between this department and the Departments of Community Health and Sustainability and Work Environment and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health Laboratories.

About the Program

There is a documented shortage of qualified laboratory professionals for the public health laboratories in our Commonwealth and in the nation. This program will help to satisfy a critical and timely need for qualified public health laboratory scientists. Concern about bioterrorist attacks post 9/11, the threat of disease epidemics from natural disasters, such as the tsunami crisis and Hurricane Katrina, as well as pandemics, such as Avian flu, exemplify circumstances that require appropriately trained public health laboratory personnel. This program is the first of its type in the country.


This program consists of four courses (3 credits each) with one required core course and three electives. The core course, MLSC.5410 Introduction to Public Health and the Public Health Laboratory, will instruct the student in the fundamentals of public health philosophy and structure. The course will provide a focus on the role of the public health laboratory network in meeting public health objectives including interactions with agencies in the community, laboratory tests, methods, and quality control. This course will be team taught by University faculty, Public Health laboratory personnel and other Public Health experts.

The additional courses will be electives currently offered at the University from specific concentration areas (Health Administration, Health Informatics, Infectious Disease, and Environmental Testing) that are pertinent to this discipline. Students would be required to take at least two courses from a particular concentration. All courses for the Public Health Laboratory Sciences program can be used for the MS degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences. The Health Informatics and Health Management elective courses can be used for the MS degree in Health Management and Policy,and the Environmental Testing courses can be used for the MS degree in Work Environment.

For more information, please contact, Ph.D., 978-934-4363, graduate coordinator, Department of Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences.

See the UMass Lowell online Graduate Catalog for course descriptions, degree pathways and much more.