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Veteran's Graduate Fellowship

Veteran's Graduate Fellowship

This prestigious award is given to top applicants who served our country in the military, have met standards, and demonstrated academic and personal determination. The Veteran's fellowship is a one-year award of $2,000 and will be applied over two semesters (not including summers) during the academic year.

All applicants who self-report their military status on the graduate application will be automatically considered for the fellowship. No additional application is required. We strongly encourage graduate applicants to apply earlier to increase their chance in receiving fellowships. Award recipients are required to confirm enrollment by paying the enrollment deposit before the given deadline to secure their awards.


  • Must confirm enrollments by the given deadline.
  • Must have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Must have served or still be serving as a United States Active Duty, Reserve or National Guard Member.
  • Must enroll in a minimum of six on-campus graduate credits per semester.
  • Must enroll in one of the eligible graduate programs listed below.

Note 1: If a student obtains other grant aid from the university, he or she will only receive the scholarship of higher value.

Note 2: This award will be administered in accordance with federal financial aid guidelines. If award is combined with other merit or need-based aid, the total cannot exceed the cost of education or the amount of defined need as applicable.