This page includes administrative and fiscal policies for travel for current UMass Lowell faculty, staff and non-study abroad students. Study-abroad students should email

All Travel Reimbursement questions should be addressed to UPST at Please email any travel-related questions to

Travel Registry 

All UML business-related travel, domestic and international, must be registered in the Travel Registry
  • Domestic travel should be registered at least 2 weeks prior to travel. Appropriate department approvals are required.
  • International travel should be registered at least 1 month prior to travel. In addition to your appropriate department approvals, must also be requested as an approver.
  • Study-abroad students should contact the Office of Study Abroad,, 978-934-4660.
  • International students and scholars on a UMass Lowell visa sponsorship should review all related information about travel and consult with the ISSO

Travel Registry Job Aids

Use these resources to help navigate the Travel Registry website.

Resources for International Travel

International Emergency Travel Insurance Coverage
UMass students, faculty and staff traveling abroad on university-related travel are covered by the International Emergency Travel Insurance Policy with ISOS purchased by the UMass system. This coverage is intended to provide the first line of service and protection to the university’s travelers for emergency or medically urgent situations abroad. 
Please note that Emergency International Travel Insurance coverage provided by UMass does not cover evacuation or other accommodations due to disruption to travel plans resulting from a pandemic. Coverage does include medical expenses resulting from the treatment of COVID-19 but does not extend to losses for travel and accommodation expenses. Please see: 

Other Resources