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Sheet music for Pomp and Circumstance.

Pep Band

Pep Band: Jazz Rock Big Band

The UMass Lowell Pep Band, also known as the Jazz Rock Big Band, is under the direction of Dan Lutz, and Deb Huber. Established in 1995, the ensemble maintains a demanding schedule, performing at local festivals, state finals, and championships within the United States. The band also serves the University as a source of entertainment, performing at Division I hockey games and other campus events.

Boston sports writers have declared the band "the best in the East." The accolades and unsolicited praise received from alumni, University officials, and state dignitaries speak of an ensemble of the highest caliber. The band has been continuously described as being on the "... cutting edge of the idiom," performing everything from jazz and rock to blues, funk, and fusion.

Information about the Marching Band