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Jonathan J Liebowitz

Professor Emeritus

College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
(978) 934-2530


Modern European History, Economic History 

Selected Publications

  • Liebowitz, J.J. (2010). Agriculture and Economic Development in Europe Since 1870. Journal of Economic History, 70(4).
  • Liebowitz, J.J. (2010). Agriculture and Economic Development in Europe Since 1870. Edited by Pedro Lains and Vicente Pinilla. London and New York: Routledge, 2009. Pp. xviii, 407. $170.00, hardcover (70:4 pp. 996-998). The Journal of Economic History
  • Liebowitz, J.J. (2009). A History of World Agriculture: From the Neolithic Age to the Current Crisis. Journal of Economic History, 69(3).
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  • Liebowitz, J.J. (2008). War, wine, and taxes: The political economy of Anglo-French trade, 1689-1900. Journal of Economic History, 68(3).
  • Liebowitz, J.J. (2003). The book, part of Princeton's series The Economic History of the Western World, edited by Joel Mokyr, is up to the usual high standards of the press. Nye writes with force and clarity, though chapters seem sometimes to be separate papers circling around a theme rather than carrying it forward. This flaw detracts little from a splendid work that all economic historians will want to read. Explorations in Economic History, 40 278-307.
  • Liebowitz, J.J. (2002). European economic history: From Mercantilism to Maastricht and beyond. Journal of Economic History, 62(4).
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