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History Department

The History Department at UMass Lowell provides a broad introduction to civilizations of the past and present, including those of antiquity, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Read more...

UMass Lowell Assistant Professor of History Jane Sancinito  poses for a picture in front of  the statue of Athena at the Louvre museum.

History Department Welcomes Jane Sancinito

Asst. Prof. Jane Sancinito joins the department this fall as its new expert in ancient history. Before her arrival in Lowell, she studied at Oxford University as an undergraduate, earned her doctorate in ancient history at the University of Pennsylvania (2018), and taught as a visiting professor of Classics at Oberlin College. Her research focuses on economic history in the Roman Empire, particularly on the activities of, and stereotypes against, merchants, artisans, and transporters. Besides "Western Civilization I" and surveys of ancient Greece and Rome, at UMass Lowell she will also teach about women in antiquity, ancient piracy, and will introduce a new course, "From Alexander the Great to Cleopatra."

On Wednesday, Oct. 21, Asst. Prof. Sancinito led the discussion during our second History Hour event, during which her article, “Like a Bad Penny: Ancient Numismatics in the Modern World (pdf),” was the focus.


Meet Our Students

Kady Phelps '17, '18 History

Kady Phelps came to UMass Lowell to major in education, but history caught up with her. She earned her master’s degree in history and the Excellence in Students Cultural Heritage Award for her work on an exhibit about Portuguese immigration to Lowell.

I feel really blessed to be in Massachusetts and here in Lowell in particular, with all the history.