Department of History

Application for History Department Scholarships

Awarded by the UMass Lowell Department of History

Named in honor of Dr. Daniel O’Leary, the former President of the Lowell State College and Chancellor of the University of Lowell, this scholarship of $1000 is open to all full-time History undergraduate majors. The award is based on a combination of academic performance (i.e., GPA, faculty observations) and financial need (as determined by the University). Typically, one scholarship is awarded each spring to a sophomore student for use in the junior year. The scholarship is generally granted to the same student in the senior year, assuming that the student remains in good academic standing as a History major.

No supporting documents are required. Students should fill out the information requested below, and submit this application to the Chair of the History Department (Professor Joseph Lipchitz) in Coburn Hall no later than April 1. A committee of History Department faculty will evaluate the candidates and make a decision in late spring.

By signing the application below, the student agrees to allow the faculty of the History Dept. access to his/her financial aid information.


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