Policy Statement

The University of Massachusetts Lowell (UMass Lowell) prohibits the use of alcoholic beverages in all workplace and academic settings and all UMass Lowell–controlled buildings and properties, except for specifically sponsored UMass Lowell events in designated areas and only by those individuals of legal Massachusetts drinking age. In addition, while on UMass Lowell-controlled property, the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, use and/or sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited.  Any UMass Lowell-sponsored event that includes alcoholic beverages must be approved by the Chancellor or a designee.


The University of Massachusetts Lowell upholds federal, state and local laws and regulations and wishes to ensure the health and safety of its community, minimize any intentional or non-intentional misuse of alcoholic beverages, and provide a healthy and civil educational environment that respects the rights of individuals.

All faculty, staff, contracted employees, consultants, volunteers, students or any other person visiting any UMass Lowell–controlled property unless otherwise stated in the policy and/or specified in prior agreements are covered by this policy. Additionally, this policy shall be in effect at any sanctioned and supported University of Massachusetts Lowell event that includes property not under the legal control of the University.

  • Drug-Free Schools and Community Act of 1989
  • Principles of Employee Conduct, 1996
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Travel and Business Expense Reimbursement Policy
  • Procurement Credit Card Program Policies
  • Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 138
  • Student Code of Conduct/Alcohol and Drug Policy


All members of the University of Massachusetts Lowell community and visitors shall abide by the laws of the federal government, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the regulations of the Alcohol Beverages Control Commission, and any applicable local ordinances and regulations relative to the possession, consumption, distribution, transportation, manufacture, and sale of alcoholic beverages on land or premises owned or occupied by UMass Lowell as well as UMass Lowell-sanctioned events on property not under the control of the University.

Alcohol can be consumed on the campus of the University of Massachusetts Lowell only by persons of legal Massachusetts drinking age at approved UMass Lowell-sponsored events in designated areas. All sale of alcohol at UMass Lowell-sponsored events shall be subject to, and conform to any restrictions or conditions imposed by any applicable licensing authority. All costs associated with licensing requirements shall be the responsibility of the sponsoring entity.

Sponsors of approved events shall prohibit under-age drinking and excessive drinking and shall stress safety and individual accountability by those who choose to drink alcoholic beverages. Outdoor alcohol consumption on any UMass Lowell-controlled property is forbidden, except at UMass Lowell-sponsored events, in designated areas. The University of Massachusetts Lowell will take disciplinary action against any individual who violates federal, state, local and /or UMass regulations.

UMass Lowell recognizes the importance of personal responsibility for behavior that is inconsistent with the principals of the institution. Individuals whose behavior violates this policy and/or University rules and regulations associated with alcohol abuse will be referred to the appropriate authority for intervention that may include, but not be limited to, assessment, education, treatment and/or discipline, as part of any disciplinary process.


Alcoholic Beverages- “Alcoholic beverages”--any liquid intended for human consumption as a beverage and containing one half of one percent or more of alcohol by volume at sixty degrees Fahrenheit.” [M.G.L. Chapter 138, Section 1].

UMass Lowell-Controlled Property: Property that is owned, occupied, operated, or maintained by the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

UMass Lowell-Sponsored Event: Any organized event, planned, controlled, administered and/or sanctioned by a recognized UMass Lowell entity.


After receiving appropriate approval by the Chancellor or a designee, any person, department or organization providing alcoholic beverages at a UMass Lowell-sponsored event shall:

  1. Provide a selection of at least three non-alcoholic beverages, which are prominently displayed
  2. Be responsible to insure that alcohol is not served to intoxicated persons and will be TIPS Trained (Training for Intervention Procedures)
  3. Provide food. This requirement insures the event is more balanced and reduces the probability of inebriation.
  4. Provide a clean, sanitary serving area with unused containers, cups, ice and other utensils
  5. Provide reasonable control or access to the immediate areas where alcoholic beverages are served and stored
  6. Provide sufficient supervision to insure compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations, including a police officer or officers, wherever appropriate
  7. Conduct a thorough and complete cleaning of the premises within a timely manner
  8. Acknowledge that advertisements, of any kind, promoting the serving of alcohol at UMass Lowell-sponsored events are prohibited

Responsibility for compliance with this policy rests with the highest-ranking individual of the department or organization sponsoring the event.

Venues Approved for Serving Alcohol

The following venues can be used for events at which alcoholic beverages can be served:

South Campus Locations

  • Allen House: ALL-100 (Gallery)
  • Coburn Hall: COB-255
  • O'Leary Library: OLE-270 (Mezzanine)

North Campus Locations

  • Saab Emerging Technologies & Innovation Center: ETIC-100L2 (Perry Atrium)
  • Alumni Hall: ALU-102 (Lounge)

East Campus Locations

  • University Crossing: UCC-260 (Moloney Ballroom)

Off-Campus Locations

  • Bellegarde Boathouse: OC-031
  • Innovation Hub: 110CAN-324; 110CAN-334
  • M2D2: 110CAN-400
  • Inn & Conference Center: ICC-143 (Grand Ballroom); ICC-112 (Lower Locks)

All other on campus locations must be approved by the Chancellor or their designee.

Open Alcoholic Beverage Containers on Campus

Open alcoholic beverage containers are not permitted in any public space on campus, except at duly approved and sponsored licensed events. Safe disposal of any alcoholic beverage container is the responsibility of the individual in charge of the event.

Failure to Comply

Any violation of these regulations shall constitute a violation of University Policy and shall be reported to the Chancellor or his designee.

Failure to comply with the provisions outlined in this policy may result in the denial of permission to use UMass Lowell-controlled property, and sponsoring of future events, as well as any disciplinary and/or legal procedures as appropriate. For students, this may include expulsion or suspension from the enrolled program and/or criminal prosecution. For faculty and staff, this may include suspension or dismissal and/or criminal prosecution. For visitors to UMass Lowell-sponsored events, this may include criminal prosecution and/or not being permitted to return to University property.

When a UMass Lowell Police Officer observes, or becomes aware of, an individual in violation of this policy, he or she can, after consultation with a supervising officer, take steps to remedy the situation, up to and including the termination of the event and shall notify the Chancellor or his designee of any such violation.

When damage occurs to UMass Lowell-controlled property, as a result of a violation of this policy, UMass Lowell will seek restitution for repair and/or replacement costs. The repair or replacement cost of damaged property is the sole responsibility of the individual found in violation of this policy. In the event that no individual(s) can be identified as causing the damage, restitution shall be the responsibility of the event organizers.


Hospitality & Event Services: Responsible for all logistics, coordination, set up and break down and final approval of University sponsored events on University owned property; University Special Events may have a supporting role at University sanctioned events off-site.

University Caterer: Responsible to provide adequate staff members who have undergone and successfully completed Training for Intervention Procedure (TIPS). The University Caterer shall work with University Special Events and the Event Sponsor to ensure policy adherence.

University Police Department: Provide police assistance, as required and/or requested, for enforcement of federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Coordinate emergency response and law enforcement services

Chair, Director, or Department Head, Administrator: Communicate this policy to faculty, staff, students and visitors

Event Sponsor: Expected to manage events in accordance with the requirements set forth in this policy. Those individuals overseeing event details are held collectively and individually responsible for compliance with this policy.

Individual: Act in a way that respects the rights of others in the promotion of a healthful and civil educational environment. Comply with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations.


Organizers of an event, who intend to offer alcoholic beverages on campus, must submit a request for approval to the Hospitality & Event Services using the form approved by the Chancellor's Office. Once an event that intends to provide alcohol has been approved, the event sponsors must have assurance from the contracted catering service that all applicable license and/or any permits are in place prior to the date of the event. All costs associated with the procurement of a permit to provide alcohol beverages for a charge are the responsibility of the event sponsor.