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Sustainable Materials

Sustainable Polymeric Materials amd Additives Certificate

Adjunct Prof. Melissa Egan working with the Technovel 2 screw.

The Plastics Engineering program at UMass Lowell is known for pushing new frontiers in new plastics materials, design and processing. With the growing concern over the environmental effects of plastics and the slow but steady shift of the industry towards increased use of “greener materials,” the department has identified a crucial need to provide students, industrial engineers and scientists with an exposure to the latest developments in sustainable materials in the context of plastics design and manufacturing.

However, shortly thereafter, the industry began making plastics from feedstocks derived from oil and natural gas.

The Department of Plastics Engineering offers this program as a stand-alone, four-course graduate certificate in "Sustainable Polymeric Materials and Additives.” This certificate program is designed for students who have attained a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering and want to enhance their knowledge of renewable materials and additives, but are not ready to commit to completion of a Plastics Engineering master's degree.

However, these certificate courses may be applied to appropriate graduate degrees if students want to continue their education.

More information can be found on the UMass Lowell Plastics Engineering website. You can apply for this certificate program through UMass Lowell Graduate Admissions.

For the latest course information, including course descriptions, degree pathways and more please visit the UMass Lowell Graduate online Academic Catalog.