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Programs of Study

UMass Lowell has the largest and most established Plastics Engineering Program in the country.


The Plastics Engineering Department at UMass Lowell is an internationally recognized leader in plastics engineering education and research. Plastics are widely used in the manufacture of products that we use in our daily lives.  The companies that manufacture these products have a need for engineers that understand how plastics materials behave so that these products can be designed, tested and manufactured.  These programs are designed to prepare the graduate for a professional career as a Plastics Engineer. The curriculum provides a sound basis in mathematics, chemistry and process engineering, plus a full study of plastics materials, properties, physics, engineering sciences, product design, plastics manufacturing and computer aided engineering. It includes sufficient flexibility for further specialization in areas of individual interest.

Since the Plastics Engineering Program started in 1954, more than 3,000 graduates have been employed by companies throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Major plastics producers and end users recruit annually on campus.  Most job openings are in manufacturing, product and process development, technical service and marketing. Some graduates go into research, consulting and teaching.

Plastics Engineering Male-Student using 3d Printer to make Chess Pieces

The UMass Lowell Plastics Engineering Department offers a wide variety of course options which caters to the diverse student population. UMass Lowell grants a B.S. in Plastics Engineering for undergraduates and M.S. for numerous graduate degrees. There are also certificate programs that can be applied toward a post-graduate degree for students wishing to continue their education. Follow the links below for more information: