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STEM Teaching Minor (UTeach)

The STEM Teaching minor (UTeach) is an innovative undergraduate teacher preparation program recognized by the national UTeach program.

Preparing a New Generation of STEM Teachers

The STEM Teaching minor (UTeach) is designed to give STEM majors the opportunity to investigate and prepare for a career in teaching math, science or engineering in high school. The program is open to science, math, computer science and engineering students. The courses focus on teaching math, science and engineering using an inquiry-based approach and project-based instruction.

For the latest course information please visit the UMass Lowell online Academic Catalog

Initial Teacher Licensure

For those students who want to pursue a Massachusetts initial teaching license upon completion of the STEM Teaching minor, students need to complete the one-semester, six-credit teaching practicum, teaching full time in a high school classroom. 

For additional information, please contact Sumudu Lewis, program coordinator.

Prerequisite Course   

To see if teaching is for you, begin with the exploratory course Introduction to STEM Teaching which is a prerequisite to the minor and will provide you with early-guided teaching experience working in a middle school classroom. 

Students will be required to complete criminal background checks  in order to visit or work in PK-12 classrooms. 

STEM Teaching Minor

The STEM Teaching minor consists of 18 credits of coursework.  The courses are specifically focused on preparing to teach math, science and engineering and use an inquiry-based approach known as the 5Es (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate). 

Practicum (for Initial Teacher Licensure)

In order to earn an initial teaching license, student must complete the UTeach practicum, teaching full time in a high school classroom--usually in the fall or spring of senior year. To proceed to the practicum student must be near the completion of the bachelor degree, have the required GPA and dispositions, completed the STEM Teaching minor and passed the required Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTELs).

For the latest course information please visit the UMass Lowell online Academic Catalog.   

Teaching Practicum

In order to receive an initial teaching license, teacher candidates must also complete the 6-credit UTeach teaching practicum, generally during the fall or spring semester of senior year. The practicum requires the candidate to teach in a local secondary school, full-time for a minimum of 12 teaching weeks.  

The practicum can be done post-graduation, but to do so it must be discussed and arranged with UTeach faculty. Student may do the post-baccalaureate practicum no later than 18 months after the undergraduate degree has been awarded. Student must register as a non-degree student and pay for 6 credits of undergraduate coursework. 

For the latest course information please visit the UMass Lowell online Academic Catalog.   

Practicum Requirements

To proceed to the practicum, student must meet the following conditions:
  • All UTeach coursework is complete
  • All subject matter coursework complete
  • A GPA of 2.75 or above
  • Passed all required MTELs relevant to license
  • Pre-practicum reports from site of possible placement must indicate suitability for practicum placement
  • Faculty evaluations must indicate that student demonstrated overall professional dispositions in class
  • Shown to be of sound moral character and have no UML conduct issues on his/her record or CORI infractions which throw doubt on his/her suitability for teaching
  • Must undergo and pass criminal background checks and fingerprinting-based criminal history record checks before beginning practicum

Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL)

Students must take and pass the required Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) prior to the teaching practicum. With a teaching license, candidates may be legally employed in Massachusetts public schools.  

The following MTELs must be taken and PASSED prior to placement into the teaching practicum:

  • Communication & Literacy Skills Tests (for Reading and Writing) - we recommend to take by end of sophomore year
  • Subject Matter Knowledge test(s) appropriate to the teaching license(s) sought - we recommend to take by end of junior year.  
For further information go to MTEL Licensure Test Requirements