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  • At the fall 2021 Panasuk Symposium at UMass Lowell, a panel of educators and advocates discussed critical race theory

    Educators, Advocates Tackle Critical Race Theory at Symposium

    Educators and student advocates discussed critical race theory at the fall symposium, and how the political controversies surrounding it are affecting students and teachers. The first education symposium to be held since November 2019 also included a workshop on teaching LGBTQ history.
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  • A Cool Science bus poster

    Professor: Science Education Can Help Slow Climate Change

    Science education can help slow the pace of global warming, because people who understand climate science can make informed decisions, says Education Assoc. Prof. Jill Hendrickson Lohmeier. Lohmeier does research on using artwork in informal settings to educate the public about climate science.
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  • Assoc. Prof. of Education Iman Chahine won a Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award to do ethnomathematical research in South Africa

    Education Professor Gets Second Fulbright to Complete Ethno-mathematics Project

    Assoc. Prof. Iman Chahine has won a second Fulbright Scholarship to help South African educators build Zulu and Ndebele cultural practices into the math curriculum. The professor of education specializes in ethno-mathematics, which translates beadwork and mural painting into teaching tools.