Theater Arts Minor

The minor in Theatre Arts offers coursework in acting, directing, design, playwriting, technical theatre, theatre history, and dramatic literature. The minor requires 18 to 24 credits, with 6 credits at the 3000 level or above. 

Courses should be distributed among the following 3 categories:

Production (3 credits)

  • THEA.3110 Play Production (may be repeated for credit)
  • THEA.4930 Practicum in Theatre

Theatre Arts Workshops (at least 6 credits)

  • ENGL.2330 Play Analysis
  • ENGL.3040 Playwriting
  • THEA.2210 Stagecraft
  • THEA.2300 Foundations of Theatrical Design
  • THEA.2610 Acting I
  • THEA.3110 Play Production (may be repeated for credit)
  • THEA.3400 Directing Workshop
  • THEA.3620 Acting II
  • THEA.3650 Voice and Movement for Actors
  • THEA.4010 Topics in Theatre
  • THEA.4900 Performance Practicum
  • THEA.4920 Technical Theatre Practicum
  • THEA.4940 Directed Study in Theatre

Dramatic Literature/Theatre History (at least 6 credits)

  • THEA.2010 Introduction to Theatre
  • ENGL.2100 Drama
  • ENGL.2180 Comedy
  • ENGL.3440 Women in Theatre
  • ENGL.3480 Modern American Drama
  • ENGL.3590 Contemporary World Theatre
  • ENGL.3600 Medieval and Renaissance Theatre
  • ENGL.3610 Restoration comedy
  • ENGL.3620 Modern Drama
  • ENGL.3630 English Renaissance Drama
  • ENGL.3640 African-American Drama
  • ENGL.3820 Theatre History 1 (Ancient to Early Modern)
  • ENGL.3830 Theatre History 2 (19th Century to Present)
  • ENGL.4230 Shakespeare I
  • ENGL.4240 Shakespeare II
For more information, contact Nancy Selleck, program coordinator.