Portuguese Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Portuguese Studies consists of 18-24 credits of coursework. At least six credits at the 3000 level or above can be taken outside of the Portuguese Language component.

Required Courses


Students may take 2 to 4 courses from the list below, two of which (6 credits) must be at the 3000 level or above.

  • WLPO.3011 Special Topic in Lusophone Studies
  • WLPO.3020 Special Topic in Portuguese Studies
  • WLPO.3030 Survey in Brazilian Cinema
  • WLPO.3040 Survey in Brazilian, Portuguese and African Cinema
  • WLPO.3370 Portuguese Literature in Translation
  • WLPO.4800 Directed Study in Lusophone Literature
  • WLPO.4810 Directed Study in Portuguese Composition
  • WLPO.4820 Directed Study in Portuguese Literature
  • WLPO.4830 Independent Study in Portuguese
  • WLPO.4840 Portuguese Practicum Experience
  • WLPO.4850 Advanced Portuguese Tutorial

For course descriptions, see the course listing.

For more information, contact Frank Sousa, program coordinator.