Latin American Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Latin American Studies consists of 18–24 credits. Six credits of the Spanish language at the 2000 level or above are required. At least six credits in non-language courses either in English or Spanish must be taken at the 3000 level or above. Courses for the minor are selected in consultation with the coordinator from a list of approved courses in Languages, History, Art History, Political Science, and Cultural Studies. 

For more information and/or to declare a minor in Latin American Studies, contact Maria R. Matz, Department of World Languages & Cultures, Coburn Hall.

Coursework for the Latin American Studies minor must meet the following distribution requirements: 

  • Spanish Language (6 credits)
  • Art History/Political Science/History (6-9 credits)
  • Latin American Literature, Culture and Civilization (6-9 credits)

Courses used for the minor cannot be applied towards the Spanish or Modern Languages (with Spanish option) major except the six credits of Spanish Language at 2000 level or above.

The following courses are approved for the Latin American Studies Minor. Students should check with the coordinator to see which courses are currently offered. Students may also petition to have other courses count for the minor.

Cultural Studies

  • WLSP.2110 Spanish 3 and Culture
  • WLSP.2120 Spanish 4 and Culture
  • WLSP.2040 Intensive Spanish 3 and 4
  • WLSP.3020 Intro to Latin American Literature
  • WLSP.3030 Intro to Latin American Literature and Culture II
  • WLSP.3130 Fieldwork in the Spanish Community
  • WLSP.3150 Latin American Civilization and Culture
  • WLSP.3750 Latin American and Spanish Cinema
  • WLSP.4120 Short Story in Latin America
  • WLSP.4160 The Latin American Novel
  • WLSP.4500 Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Latin-American Essays
  • WLSP.4910 Directed Studies in Spanish Literature
  • WLSP.4920 Directed Studies in Latin American Literature
  • WLSP.4950 Advanced Tutorial in Spanish
  • WLSP.4960 Spanish Practicum Experience


  • HIST.2080 The Atlantic World in the Age of Democratic Revolution, 1760-1848
  • HIST.2090 Colonial Latin America
  • HIST.2120 Modern Latin America
  • HIST.3230 World of the Atlantic
  • HIST.3450 Slavery and Abolition
  • HIST.3490 Cuban Revolution

Political Science

  • POLI.3700 Latin American Politics
  • POLI.3710 Caribbean Politics