The ADVANCE Office for Faculty Equity & Resilience (OFER) has identified resources to address equity challenges that commonly emerge within departments.

Service Equity Resources

  • Undoing the Can of Worms. Kerry Ann O’Meara talks about how to make faculty service demands more equitable. (Inside Higher Ed., June 27, 2018)
  • The Ivory Ceiling of Service Work. Joya Misra, Jennifer Hickes Lundquist, Elissa Holmes, and Stephanie Agiomavritis discuss how to make service work more equitable for women associate professors. (ACADEME, January-February 2011)
  • Evening Things Out. Colleen Flaherty discusses one study on how to strategically intervene and address faculty workload disparities. (Inside Higher Ed., January 30, 2019)
  • Faculty Workload and Evaluation Task Force Report (pdf). University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Engineering reports best practices for allocating faculty workload, documenting faculty accomplishments, and assessing faculty productivity. (University of Nebraska Lincoln College of Engineering, March 2018).

Equitable Faculty Workload Resources

Promoting An Inclusive Departmental Climate