Sabbatical Leave Applications and Deadlines

The chancellor may grant a sabbatical leave of absence to a faculty member who has served as such at the university for at least six consecutive academic years following initial employment or termination of previous sabbatical leave. Subject to the provisions specified by the "Memorandum of Agreement for Sabbatical Leave of Absence," sabbatical leave may be granted to a faculty member for a period of one year at half pay or a for a period of a half year at full pay.

A faculty member who wishes to be considered for sabbatical leave shall make written application to his or her Department Personnel Committee between Oct. 1 and Oct. 10 of the academic year preceding the academic year in which sabbatical leave is requested.

Application Timetable Due Dates

  • Applicants Submit Material to Department Personnel Committee: Oct. 1-10
  • Department Personnel Committee Recommendations to Dean: Oct. 30
  • College Dean Recommendations to Provost: Nov. 10
  • Provost Recommendations to Chancellor: Nov. 25
  • Chancellor and Provost Notify Applicants of Decisions: Dec. 10