Salary Reviews

Individuals who intend to apply for Salary Review, must forward their request to their dean no later than the last day in March, along with three unbound copies* of their application. The following information should be included in the application packet:

*COVID-19 update: Electronic submissions to the Dean’s office are highly encouraged. Your respective college at their discretion will advise you on their preferred central repository.

  • Full documentation of your career achievements. (Professional Vita)
  • Written statement of your argument for a salary increase, which should include:
    • Clearly stated basis for your claim and provide appropriate materials in support of your claim.
    • Clearly specify what category you are applying under (See pages 133-136 in the Agreement).
    • Salary history including your current salary. (Email: to request this information).
    • Your current rank and the number of years in that rank.
    • Tenure status (pre-tenured, tenured, non-tenure track)

Salary Review Timeline

  1. Individuals applying for Salary Review should have their applications to their respective Dean no later than the last day in March
  2. The dean shall submit candidate applications for salary review directly to the College Personnel Committee without recommendation.
  3. The College Personnel Committee will review said applications and forward its recommendations to the Dean of the College.
  4. The Dean shall consider applications for salary review and shall make a positive or negative recommendation as to whether or not a Salary Review seems warranted.
  5. College Dean recommendation and those of the College Personnel Committee shall be forwarded to the Office of the Provost (as the Chancellor’s designee by Monday, June 3, 2024).
  6. The Chancellor of the University, after reviewing the recommendation of the Dean shall decide to recommend or not recommend a Salary Review by a Salary Review Panel.

For additional information regarding salary review, please refer to Article XIX of the Massachusetts Society of Professors Lowell contract. For more information on faculty salaries, see the 2024 faculty salary information (pdf) in Human Resources.

Periodic Multi-Year Review

The primary purpose of the Periodic Multi-Year Review (PMYR) is to assist tenured faculty and librarians in their continuing professional development. Faculty and librarians who have been awarded tenure through the rigorous process by which tenure is attained have been judged by the University as having demonstrated excellent performance and represent a substantial investment on the part of the University.

The PMYR purpose, principles, timing and review process are laid out in Appendix A- 13 of the Massachusetts Society of Professors (MSP) contract.

For policy and review related questions, contact the Provost's Office by email: or phone: 978-934-2219.

For financial and budgetary questions, contact Karen Morin, Director, Academic Budget, Provost’s Office by email: or phone: 978-934-2537.