Motorcycle & Moped Parking

UMass Lowell welcomes the use of motorcycles and mopeds as a means of transportation to the university. Please find important information about parking your motorcycle or moped on campus below:

Parking Safety

For your safety, never drive your motorcycle or moped through an automated parking gate! The detectors in the ground are designed only to work with cars and trucks, and may not properly detect your vehicle. This may potentially result in the premature closing of the gate and possible damage to your vehicle and severe injury to the driver.

Most motorcycle and moped parking pads are located outside of parking lots for your safety.

Decal Information

Similar to cars and trucks, all motorcycles and mopeds (or any other vehicle requiring a license to operate) require a decal to be purchased and displayed to park on campus. Decals are available online by using the MyParking Self Service Website at a reduced rate. Decals should be attached to the license plate of the vehicle.

Parking Locations

Special cement parking pads are available in the following locations, and should be used to park your motorcycle or moped:


  • Fox Parking Lot 
  • Between Donahue and East Garage (Donahue circle)
  • Salem Street Lot


  • Between Ball and Olney Hall 
  • Behind Olsen Hall


  • Behind Mahoney Hall

In the event no parking can be found on a motorcycle/moped pad, a motorcycle may park in any regular parking space. They may not park in such a way as to block sidewalks, handicap spaces, ramps and fire lanes, and may not park in striped zones.

Cars and trucks are never permitted to park in motorcycle parking areas, regardless of time of year, and may result in damaging the parking pad and being fined.