"Mill Girls: Life and Work in an Industrial City" Virtual Field Trip

Program Description

Follow the journey of a mill girl from her family farm in the New England countryside to her new job operating a loom in Lowell’s Boott Cotton Mills. Students will meet two mill girls during their virtual visit to the boardinghouse and weave room, learning about each girl's unique experience of life and work in a textile mill, and experience for themselves a bit of what it was like to work in the mills.


Social Studies


Industrial Revolution, farm to factory, mill girls, boardinghouse life, working in a mill

Massachusetts History and Social Studies Frameworks

Grade 5: 

Topic 4. The growth of the Republic. 

  1. On a map of New England, locate cities and towns that played important roles in the development of the textile and machinery industries, whaling, shipping, and the China trade in the 18th and 19th centuries and give examples of the short- and long-term benefits and costs of these industries.

Bale to Bolt, Workers on the Line


Massachusetts Grade 5

Other states Grades 4 or 6

Student # limit


Program duration

45-50 minutes

Program format/software platform

Classroom, home, and hybrid options are available. The classroom version requires individual computers (with headphones) or a computer and projector/smart-board. Home versions require each student to have their own computer or tablet.
All programs require Zoom software. We will provide a passcode-protected link to share.

Suggested pre-program activities

Lowell’s Mill Girls Remote Learning Module
Bringing History Home
“Lowell: The Continuing Revolution” Video
Making a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Suggested post-program activities

Lowell’s Mill Girls Remote Learning Module 
Bringing History Home
The World of Barilla Taylor: One Mill Girl’s Experience in Lowell

Reservations details

The cost will be $125.00 per program. 

Call us at 978-970-5080 to reserve your program date and time.