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UMass Lowell will resume on-campus instruction, research and campus life for Fall 2020. View the plan for more info.


Eligibility of Exploratory Status

Students in exploratory status will receive assistance in finding the correct major and will be provided academic support/success coaching during this period.

  • If a student is in a major and falls below the GPA for that major but is still in good academic standing with the University (above 2.0).
  • If a student was in a major and is still in good standing but is unsure that major is for them.
  • If a student is placed on Warning or Suspension and does not have the GPA to stay in the major or change into a new major.
  • (less often) Office of Transfer Admissions can place a new transfer into Exploratory if the student does not have the correct GPA, class rank of regular accept transfer students. The student must show the ability to be successful.
  • A student should not stay in Exploratory beyond 48 credits but may, after consultation with the coordinator, stay in Exploratory a bit longer. If a student stays beyond 48 credits they will be required to read and sign a ‘Exploratory Terms/Conditions Form’ which spells out specifically the risk of staying in the Exploratory status beyond 48 credits taking courses toward a major, they have not been accepted in.
  • The student cannot stay in Exploratory beyond 60 credits.

Academic Support and Success Coaching

During their time in Exploratory status, the coordinator will:

  • Work with students in exploring potential majors using the Jackson Career Explorer;
  • Provide students with various study skill workshops such as time management and organization skill techniques;
  • Advise students each semester using Degree Pathways and the ‘What-if’ reports in SIS for proper course selection and knowledge of different policies and procedure for successful degree completion;
  • Assist the students in mapping out their academic plan and becoming familiar with their intended new major/faculty;
  • Using Starfish/Salesforce, monitor students throughout the semester and introduce the various academic supports including tutoring offered at the Centers for Learning.

For questions or additional information, please contact