A Medical Withdrawal is initiated by a student (international students see directions below) when the student's medical condition interferes with their ability to complete coursework, manage day-to-day functions, or live safely in the university environment.

The purpose of a Medical Withdrawal is to support the student in taking time away from school to receive treatment, to focus their time and resources on improving their health, and eventually return to the university with a significantly improved chance of academic and personal success. Please note that there are no adjustments to tuition or fees after the Add/Drop period.

Please carefully review the Policy and Procedure prior to completing and submitting the required documents. Applications must be received by the last day of classes of the affected semester.

You must include all the information requested. Incomplete forms will not be reviewed.

International Students

International students seeking a reduction of course load or no course load (medical leave) for a semester must begin that process with an appointment with the International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO) to review the necessary steps as well as the impact on their visa status.

The ISSO representative will provide the student with the Request for Reduced Course Load or No Course Load for Illness or Medical Conditions form to be completed by a licensed medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy or clinical psychologist.

Please review the ISSO Medical Reduction of Course Load (RCL) or No Course Load (NCL) Policy below. Download and complete the International Student RCL or NCL Request for Medical Reasons form. Submit all required completed documents to Wellness_Center@uml.edu.


Veterans and Those using Military/VA Educational Benefits

Any student using Military or VA education benefits should contact the Office of Military and Veteran Services before initiating any sort of course withdrawal including applying for a medical withdrawal to determine potential impact on those benefits.