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Foreign Language Substitution

Exemption from foreign language requirement

Students enrolled as majors in English, History, Liberal Arts (BLA), Philosophy, Psychology, Political Sciences,Sociology, and World Languages & Culture, must fulfill the FAHSS College Foreign Language Requirement. Students who are granted an exemption from the FAHSS Foreign Language Requirement due to a documented disability will, without exception, have to fulfill an alternative requirement.  The requirement consists of passing not less than 4 courses in one of the clusters or areas listed below. The clusters are based on Interdisciplinary Minors already offered in the college. As courses are added to the associated Interdisciplinary minor, they will also be added to the list of approved courses for the cluster. Aside from courses that are already approved for the associated Interdisciplinary minor, substitute courses will not be accepted unless approved by the Dean's Office. Students may not fulfill the requirements by taking courses from more than one cluster.

Courses taken as part of the alternative to the foreign language requirement may, when appropriate, be used as part of a major, a minor, or in fulfillment of general education requirements.

The clusters of courses are based on existing interdisciplinary minors in the College of FAHSS. Most of these minors require 18 credits. Students who are doing a Language Substitution cluster (which requires 12 credits) may also, if they choose, complete the associated Interdisciplinary minor (18 credits).

*G = Graduate class: requires instructor permission to enroll

The thematic/topical areas are:

Please notice that some courses have pre-requisites or other restrictions that may limit enrollment.


CRIM.5460*G                Mental Health & Criminal Justice
ENGL.2580                    Disability in Literature (AH)
EXER.3150                     Kinesiology (PT majors only)
FAHS.2200                     Designing the Future World  
FAHS/PSYC.4800           Integrative Fieldwork in Disabilities I
FAHS/PSYC.4810           Integrative Fieldwork in Disabilities II
HSCI.3090                      Universal Design in Health Promotion
HSCI.3200                      Legal Issues in Nursing 
LGST.2500                      Disability and the Law: Legal Rights of People with Disabilities  (Cont. Ed)                 
PUBH.2010                    Community Health & Environment
PUBH.5790*G               Disability Outcomes and Interventions
POLI.2180                      Introduction to Politics and Sports
PSYC.2720                     Abnormal Psychology (SS)
PSYC.3350                    Psychology and Women (SSD)
PSYC.36.10                    Developmental Psychopathology
PSYC.3620                    Psychology of Developmental Disabilities
PSYC.3650                    Psychology of Language
PSYC.5610*G                Introduction to Behavioral Intervention in Autism
PSYC/FAHS.3630          Introduction to Disability Studies (on-line)
SOCI.2250                     Sociology of Disabilities
SOCI.2340                      Race and Ethnicity
SOCI.2400                      Sociology of Gender
SOCI.2550                      Sociology of Deviance
SOCI.4050                      Feminist Methodologies


ATMO*.1410                 Weather and Climate
BIOL.3150                      Principles of Ecology (need instructor's permission)
BIOL.3170                      Principles of Ecology Lab
BIOL.4160                      Climate Change: Science, Communication, and Solutions
ECON.4150                    Intro to Environmental Economics
FAHS.2110                      Sustainable Development
FAHS.4970                      Directd Study in Environmental Policy
FAHS.5180*G                 Comparative Environmental Studies
FAHS.5390*G                  Justice and Trade in the Global Economy
HIST.3160                        American Environmental History
LGST. 3670                      Environmental Law
PHIL.3270                        Environmental Philosophy
PUBH.3130                      Principles of Environmental Health (*must be in College Health)
POLI.3570                        Thoreau in Our Time
POLI.3580                        Global Environmental Policy
SOCI.2360                        Environmental Sociology
SOCI.3300                        Fast Food, Hot Planet: Sociological Approach to Climate Change, Food Justice and Community Sustainability.


ARHI.3400                        Women in Art
ASET.3800                        Understanding Movies: Cinema as Social Commentary
CRIM.3600                        Gender, Race and Crime
CRIM.4220                        Victimology
CRIM.4770                        Intimate Partner Violence
ENGL.2430                        Contemporary Women Writers
ENGL.2460                        Gay/Lesbian Literature
ENGL.2570                        The Family in Literature
ENGL.3280                        Writing about Women
ENGL.3350                        American Women Novelists
ENGL.3450                        British Women Novelists
ENGL.3950                        Special Topics in English: Medieval Women Writers
ENGL.3950                        Special Topics in English: Visual Rhetoric
FAHS.3400                         Women in Art
GNDR.2000                        Special Topics in Gender Studies (2000-level)
GNDR.2400                        Introduction to Gender Studies
GNDR.3000                        Special Topics in Gender Studies (3000-level)
GNDR.3010                        Gay and Lesbian Studies
GNDR.4010                        Practicum
GNDR.4100                        Directed Studies (4000-level)
GNDR.4900                        Seminar in Gender Studies
HIST.2070                           Women in China
HIST.2280                           Women in European History
HIST.2700                           Women in American History
HIST.3010                           The World of Things: Consumer Culture in the Modern West
HIST.3380                            War and Memory in Twentieth Century France
HIST.3380                            Work and Society
HON.3200                            Seminar: Special Topics in Honors
PHIL.3060                            Feminist Theory Politics
PHIL.3670                            Feminism and Liberalism
PHIL.3750                            Philosophy of Sex and Love
POLI.2300                            Law and the Legal System
POLI.3200                            Gender Law and Politics
POLI.3270                            Dynamics of Sexual Politics
POLI.4020                            Women in Islam
POLI.4060                            The Politics of Identity in the Middle East
PSYC.3350                            Psychology and Women
PSYC.3510                            Human Sexuality
PSYC.5230*G                       Women in the Community
SOCI.2250                            Sociology of Disability
SOCI.2310                            Sociology of the Family
SOCI.2400                            Sociology of Gender
SOCI.3620                            Social Welfare Policy
SOCI.4050                            Feminist Methodologies
WLIT.3300                            Italian Women Writers.


ARHI.3210                            Italian Renaissance Art
ARHI.3300                            Italian Mannerist Art
ARHI.3320                            Baroque Art in Italy
WLIT.3000                            Modern and Contemporary Civilization and Culture
WLIT.3300                            Italian Women Writers
WLIT.3730                            Italian Humanism
WLIT.3780                            Italian Cinema and Culture


ARHI.3550                            Studies in World Art: Latin American Topic
HIST.2080                            The Atlantic World in the Age of Democratic Revolution 1760 - 1848
HIST.2090                            Colonial Latin America
HIST.2120                            Modern Latin America
HIST.3230                            World of the Atlantic
HIST.3450                            Slavery and Abolition
HIST.3490                            The Cuban Revolution
POLI.3700                            Latin American Politics
POLI.3710                            Caribbean Politics


CRIM.1150                        Introduction to Homeland Security
CRIM.2480                        Terrorism (International and Domestic)
CRIM.3260                        Hate Crimes
ECON.3150                       Intro to Environmental Economics
ENGL.2510                        War in Literature
FAHS.3490                         Literature, Politics and Genocide in Cambodia
FAHS.3560                         Village Empowerment: Overcoming Global Poverty
FAHS.4700                         Directed Study in Peace and Conflict   
HIST.1060                          The Modern World
HIST.2040                          China and the Modern World
HIST.2110                          Historical Dimensions of Globalization 
HIST.2120                          Modern Latin America
HIST.2390                          The World Since 19PHIL
HIST.2400                          World War I
HIST.2410                          World War II
HIST.2810                          Sub-Saharan Africa
HIST.2960                          United States Diplomatic History
HIST.3200                        American East Asian Relations
HIST.3210                        The Holocaust
HIST.3360                        Problems of Modern Ireland
HIST.3560                        Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST.3910                        America and the World
HIST.3930                        History of the Middle East and Islamic World
LGST.3660                       International Law
PHIL.2960                        Intro. to World Religions
PHIL.3070                        Theories of Justice
PHIL.3660                        Globalization and its Critics
POLI.1120                        Intro to Comparative Political Systems
POLI.1210                        Intro to International Relations
POLI.2300                        Law and the Legal System
POLI.2330                        Islam and Politics
POLI.3350                        Constitutional Law and Politics
POLI.3370                        Civil Liberties and Politics
POLI.3510                        Irish Politics
POLI.3600                        European Politics: Tradition and Modernity
POLI.3630                        Politics of China
POLI.3680                        Middle Eastern Politics
POLI.3700                        Latin American Politics
POLI.3750                        Politics of the Pacific Rim
POLI.3840                        International Politics of Human Rights
POLI.3870                        Politics of International Organizations
POLI.4020                        Women in Islam
POLI.4060                        The Politics of Identity in the Middle East
POLI.4220                        Seminar in Political Communications and Media Studies
PSYC.2090                        Social Psychology
PSYC.3280                        Dynamics of Interpersonal Relations
PSYC.4730                        Seminar in Social Psychology: Resolving Social Conflict
SOCI.1020                        Social Anthropology
SOCI.2160                        Sociology of War and Peace
SOCI.2340                        Race and Ethnicity
SOCI.2400                        Sociology of Gender
SOCI.2560                        Political Sociology
SOCI.3170                        Sociology of Genocide
SOCI.3820                        Social Movements
SOCI.4690                        Seminar on Global Society
WLSP.3510                       Latin America Theatre


ENGL.2180                       Comedy
ENGL.2330                       Play Analysis
ENGL.3040                        Playwriting
ENGL.3590                        Contemporary World Theatre
ENGL.3600                        Medieval and Renaissance Theatre
ENGL.3610                        Restoration Comedy
ENGL.3620                        Modern Drama
ENGL.3630                        English Renaissance Drama
ENGL.3820                        Theater History I (Ancient to Early Modern)
ENGL.3830                        Theater History II (19th Century to Present)
ENGL.4230                        Shakespeare I
ENGL.4240                        Shakespeare II
THEA.2010                        Introduction to Theater
THEA.2210                        Stagecraft
THEA.2300                        Fundamentals of Theatrical Design
THEA.2610                        Acting I
THEA.2620                        Acting II
THEA.2650                        Voice and Movement for Actors
THEA.3110                        Play Production (3 cr)
THEA.3430                        Directing Workshop
THEA.4010                        Topics in Theater
THEA.4900                        Performance Practicum (1 cr)
THEA.4930                        Practicum in Theater
THEA.4940                        Directed Study in Theater