Disability Services Support and Resources

For Students Who Have Completed the Intake Process


  • If students experience any barriers while accessing their curriculum or have difficulties related to our office, they can schedule an appointment with one of our staff members and work together to determine on how to move forward. You can also work with our office on academic skill building (Time management, study skills, breaking down long assignments, etc.).

Revisit Accommodations

  • The Intake meeting establishes an accommodation plan that will be in place for the duration of a student's academic career at UMass Lowell (UML). A student can meet at any time to discuss a need to adjust / add / amend the current accommodation plan.

Assistive Technology Sessions

  • Make an appointment if you would like to explore or receive training in technology that can help you in your academics.


  • Foreign Language Substitution
    Students with the FAHSS Foreign Language Requirement are entitled to opt for the Foreign Language Substitution. The Language Substitution requires 12 credits (4 courses) from one of the predetermined clusters. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor to discuss which cluster to take and must email: disability@uml.edu with their cluster selection.
    Substitute courses can only be approved by the Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (FAHSS) Dean's Office. If you need more information on the Foreign Language Substitution you will need to contact the FAHSS Department's Office.

DS Program Exemptions (Deans List and Honors College)

  • Any Student at UML may choose to take a reduced course load (register for less than 12 credits in a semester). However, students registered with Disability Services, may still receive the following benefits: Achieving Dean's List and participating in the Honors College. Students considering a reduced course load should always meet with the Solution Center or their college department regarding restrictions on the program of study.

Priority Registration

  • Students who have their Intake meeting before the add/drop date of the current semester, will receive priority registration for subsequent semesters. Priority registration means that you have the opportunity to register on the first day of class registration. Students are responsible for any holds on their account prior to registration. The registration date will automatically change in SiS.
Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society 
  • Delta Alpha Pi (DAPi) International Honor Society presents an opportunity to reduce disability stigma by recognizing students with disabilities for their academic accomplishments. In addition, this honor society facilitates development of skills in leadership, advocacy and education for participating students. If you meet credit and GPA requirements, (Undergraduate: 24 credits and 3.10 GPA | Graduate: 12 credits and 3.30 GPA), we will email you with more information.
Other Resources