Becoming a Certified Health Physicist (CHP)

What is a CHP?

In the radiation protection profession, a CHP is a certified expert who, through testing and continued education, has the ethics and comprehensive understanding of the scope of Health Physics. This credential is obtained through the American Academy of Health Physics

How can certification advance my career?

In operational Radiation Safety (one who manages or works within a radiation safety program), becoming a CHP can open managerial-level positions easier, such as Radiation Safety Officer or Radiation Protection Manager at more complex radiation safety programs. This credential may also open consulting opportunities to assist clients in many ways.  
Certification signifies to any employer a commitment to continual learning, as the CHP is required to obtain routine Continued Education Credits (CEC's). Refer to the AAHP/ABHP website for more information on the requirements of certification.

How can a RadSci degree from UMass Lowell help me?

Our graduates make up about 10% of the world's CHPs. The certification process is hard, of those who meet the qualifications and can even sit for the exam, only between 15-30% will successfully pass. A degree at UMass Lowell will not directly offer you the certification, but through rigorous coursework, studying, and a strong foundation in Health Physics, UML graduates are well-equipped to take part 1 of the exam.