• Tibor Beke (Faculty website:
    Beke’s research areas are algebraic topology; category theory, model theory, logic; computational geometry, theorem proving in euclidean geometry
  • Enrique Gonzalez Velasco
    Recently published a new book with two co-authors that was five years in the making, The Life and Works of John Napier.
  • Alexander Kheifets)
    Kheifets’ research focuses on complex Analysis and Operator Theory: spectral and scattering problems; interpolation; Jacobi matrices, asymptotics of orthogonal polynomials; Hilbert spaces of analytic and harmonic functions, functional models of operators.
  • Daniel Klain (Faculty website:
    Klain’s research is in convex and integral geometry, geometric tomography, and geometric probability.
  • Kenneth Levasseur (Faculty website:
    Levasseur’s interests include discrete mathematics and abstract algebra; and computer algebra systems that help teach these topics. Also, he is involved in the development of open source mathematics textbooks using MathBook XML.
  • Ravi Montenegro (Faculty website:
    Montenegro investigates randomized algorithms related to cryptographic problems, analysis of the rate at which random walks approach their steady state distribution ("mixing time"), proofs of geometric bounds on eigenvalues, and geometric isoperimetric inequalities.
  • James Propp (Faculty website:
    Propp’s main interests are in combinatorics, probability, and dynamical systems, especially problems where these areas overlap. Of particular interest to him are deterministic algorithm that display random characteristics.
  • Ashot Shahinian
    Shahinian’s main interests are Harmonic Analysis and Potential Theory. He has most recently studied the approximation of continuous function by harmonic functions.