• Min Hyung Cho
    Cho focuses on developing fast computational algorithms for wave scattering such as Maxwell’s equations and Helmholtz equation. In general, he is interested in numerical solution of PDEs, High performance computing (HPC) and their applications.
  • Dimitris Christodoulou
    Christodoulou is working on Nonlinear differential equations, linear stability analysis, Galaxy dynamics, MHD, Numerical multidimensional simulations and he is Interested in phase transitions in fluids, star formations, planet formation, Astrophysical jets, Dark Matter
  • Ravi Montenegro
    Montenegro investigates randomized algorithms related to cryptographic problems, analysis of the rate at which random walks approach their steady state distribution ("mixing time"), proofs of geometric bounds on eigenvalues, and geometric isoperimetric inequalities.
  • Stephen Pennell 
    Prof. Pennell’s does research in the ares of mathematical modeling and fluid mechanics, including nonlinear wave propagation and interaction, flow through porous media, and drop shape analysis.
  • Hung Phan
    Phan's research interests are in Operations Research, Mathematical Optimization, and Variational Analysis. Part of his research is related to design problems with spatial constraints that have applications in computer graphics design.
  • Vidhu Prasad
    Prasad’s research focus on ergodic theory and dynamical properties of two major classes of transformations: Volume preserving homeomorphisms of compact and non compact manifolds and their typical dynamics. More recently, he has been researching the ergodic theory of transformations preserving an infinite measure.
  • Victor Shubov
    Shubov’s research in partial differential equations, hydrodynamics, and control of distributed parameter systems. More specifically, spectral analysis and stability of an elastic structure with nondissipative boundary conditions, and to control problems for a mathematical model of an energy harvester.
  • Sedi Bartz
    Nonlinear analysis, variational analysis, abstract and classical convex analysis, monotone operator theory and applications in optimization.