Graduate Programs

For the latest course information please visit the UMass Lowell Online Graduate Academic Catalog.

If you have questions about our graduate program, contact Hung Phan, Ph.D., graduate coordinator.

Graduate Certificate Programs

The department offers graduate certificates in Applied Statistics and Mathematics for Teachers. They are designed for those who want to accomplish graduate-level work but can't commit to a full master's degree. Each certificate requires the satisfactory completion of four courses which may subsequently be applied towards the master's degree.

  • Visit the Graduate Admissions Office for details about applying and information about the application process.
    Visit the online academic catalog for degree requirements.

    Graduate Mathematics Coordinators

    • Tibor Beke, Chair
      Olney Hall, 4th floor
    • Hung Phan
      Olney  Hall, 4th floor
  • UMass Lowell undergraduate students with a 3.000 GPA or better have the opportunity to save time and money by earning a bachelor's and a master's degree in a little as five years. Students can continue from bachelor’s to master’s level studies within their own department. Or students can apply to a program in a different department to create a set of skills to meet emerging needs in the workplace and their own academic interests.

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