The information below is for all students who have applied:

  • The waiver form is only for master's applicants; all doctoral students must submit scores.
  • If you are a current UMass Lowell student applying for a Bachelor's to Master's program, your GRE/MAT requirements are automatically waived.
  • Your waiver request cannot be reviewed until an application and supporting documentation, such as transcripts, are received by Graduate Admissions.
  • Please select your college below to access the appropriate waiver form. If your program is in another college, please check with your graduate coordinator
  • Programs in the School of Education do not require the GRE.

College of Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Waiver for the College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (pdf)

  • Autism Studies* (MS)
  • Community Social Psychology (MA)
  • History (MA)
  • Music Education (MM)
  • Peace and Conflict Studies* (MA)
  • Psychology (MA) (pdf)
  • Public Administration (MPA)
  • Sound Recording Technology (MM)

*Does not require the GRE/MAT. No Waiver form required.

Francis College of Engineering

Waiver form for the Francis College of Engineering (pdf)

  • Chemical Engineering (MSE)
  • Civil Engineering (MSE)
  • Computer Engineering (MSE)
  • Electrical Engineering (MSE)
  • Environmental Studies (MS)
  • Engineering Management (MS)
  • Energy Engineering (MSE)
  • Mechanical Engineering (MSE)
  • Plastics Engineering (MSE)

Kennedy College of Sciences

Waiver form for the Kennedy College of Sciences (pdf)

Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences

GRE Waiver for Master's Programs (MS) (pdf)