Ericka Boudreau

Ericka Boudreau, M.S.

Teaching Assistant

Kennedy College of Sciences
Environmental, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Olney Hall, Room 220


Geochemistry, Geochronology, Isotope Chemistry, Provenance

Research Interests

My current research focuses on the age and chemistry of detrital monazite in modern river sands from Idaho, but I’ve also worked with other detrital minerals (zircon, titanite, garnet and rutile) from sedimentary rocks in Oregon. Using mineral chemistry to discriminate between tectonic/depositional settings absolutely fascinates me! I’ve also worked with Nd and Hf isotopes in detrital minerals to conduct provenance research involving terrane translation and accretionary events. Additionally, I’ve started working with Pb isotopes in detrital feldspars to supplement my previous provenance research in Oregon.


  • M.S.: Environmental Geoscience (2022), University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • B.S.: Environmental Geoscience (2020), University of Massachusetts Lowell


I am a first generation college student coming from a family of blue collar tradesmen. I’ve dedicated the last six years to higher education at UMass Lowell in the hopes of setting an example for my two children. We spend much of our time outdoors camping, hiking, and swimming, but I love cooking with our homegrown herbs and vegetables.

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

The Geological Society of America’s Stephen G. Pollock Undergraduate Student Research Grant

Research Currently in Progress

Ph.D. candidate working under Richard Gaschnig