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Safe Cleaning & Disinfection

The Safe Cleaning and Disinfection Project developed scientific evidence to guide the home care industry on cleaning & disinfection products and practices that are effective for infection prevention and safe for the respiratory health of home care aides, nurses, and clients. Funding was provided by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

The Research Team collaborated with home care research partners to:
  1. Assess cleaning & disinfection practices used in the home care industry.
  2. Determine which infectious agents are found in the home care environment.
  3. Determine whether different types of cleaning and disinfecting products and practices reduce common infectious germs.
  4. Evaluate respiratory exposures and health effects from cleaning and disinfection among homecare aides.
    Specific strategies included:
    1. focus groups among home care aides,
    2. interviews among home care industry leaders, supervisors, and labor union organizers,
    3. cleaning field study in home care environments, and
    4. cleaning laboratory study with a simulated bathroom setup.