The resources below related to safe home care were produced by the Safe Home Care Program. See also our peer-reviewed publications.

General Topics

The preliminary findings of the Safe Home Care survey (November 2013):

Podcast training module on recruiting focus group participants for research. Safe Home Care focus group recruitment materials presented in the CWEND GeoHealthHub training curriculum.

Client Handling

Sun C, Buchholz B, Quinn M, Punnett L, Galligan C, Gore R, and the Safe Home Care Team (2016). Evaluation of Transfer Boards in a Simulated Home Care Setting (poster). (pdf)

Markkanen P, Quinn M, Galligan C, Punnett L, Sama S, Bello A, Laramie A, Davis L. A Qualitative Assessment of Occupational Safety and Health Hazards Among Home Care Aides: Findings on Client Handling and Transfer (pdf). 2012. A poster presented in Safe Patient Handling Conference, Orlando (FL), March 2012.

Sharps Injuries and Bloodborne Pathogen

Disposal of Needles, Syringes, and Lancets Used in the Home (2012):

Cleaning and Disinfection

Markkanen P, Galligan C, Quinn M. "Cleaning for Home Care Clients with Asthma and Allergies" (pdf). The Resource Newsletter. Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, Home Care Assistance Program. Fall 2013 Resource newsletter issue.

"Cleaning for Home Care Clients with Asthma and Allergies." A training curriculum developed for Massachusetts Personal and Home Care Aide State Training (PHCAST) Program in 2013. Available at PHCAST website.

Galligan C. Ten Reasons to Use Microfiber Cleaning Tools. Safe Home Care Factsheet (pdf) (Updated in 2013).

Markkanen P, Quinn M, Galligan C, Bello A. Cleaning in Healthcare Facilities: Reducing human health effects and environmental impacts (pdf). (2009) Health Care Research Collaborative.