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Safe Home Care & Hospitals

Promoting the Health, Safety and Well-being of Home Care and Health Care Workforce

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Our research promotes practices, products, and policies that address occupational safety, environmental safety, and patient safety in both home care and hospitals.

What's New

  • We are developing Fact Sheets related to home care safety during the pandemic - Safe Home Care Fact Sheets
  • The goals of our Safe Home Care research, funded by NIOSH, include: Producing guidelines, including a booklet, on safe practices for clients and families on how to prepare where they live for safe home care; Developing safety tools and techniques that can be introduced to clients when they are assessed for home care visits to identify factors that can be addressed to avoid potential problems, from preventing falls and infection to safe disposal of syringes and other sharps; Evaluating whether the tools introduced are beneficial to aides, clients and home care partners - Researcher to Take on Challenge of Home Care Safety for Workers, Patients Press Release


Read our Fall 2019 / Winter 2020 newsletter (pdf) to find out what's new in the project.

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Publicly Available Research

Many of the Safe Home Care Project's peer-reviewed articles are available to the public via open access (can be read, downloaded, and shared at no cost). Here are some of the most recent open access publications: