The latest UMass Lowell/7News poll of 901 New Hampshire voters, conducted Oct. 28-Nov. 2, 2016,  shows the race for President is now a dead heat, with less than a week before voters determine how the four Electoral Votes in the Granite State will be allocated.

Key Findings for Presidential Race

  • Clinton holds steady while Trump gains; Since our last poll on Oct. 13, Trump has gained five points while Clinton slipped one point among likely voters.
  • Recent controversies for both candidates isn't swaying voters away from their chosen candidate.
  • Despite who wins, the majority of likely voters expect the country to remain divided. This is true across income, education, gender, age and ideology.

Key Findings for New Hampshire Races

  • U.S. Senate race is still too close to call with Hassan at 47 percent and Ayotte at 46; Hassan has increased three points since our Oct. 13 poll.
  • Race for New Hampshire Governor is nearly as close with Sununu at 47 percent and Van Ostern at 43; Both have seen increases but Sununu is winning independents.