Allowable Allocations to Sponsored Projects

These types of activities can be charged to a sponsored project:

  • Directing or participating in any aspect of the research related to the specific project
  • Writing a progress report for the project, sometimes called a continuation proposal
  • Holding a meeting with lab staff to discuss the specific research project
  • Activities contributing and intimately related to work under the agreement, including:
  • Participating in appropriate seminars
  • Consulting with colleagues about specific aspects of the project
  • Delivering special lectures about specific aspects of the ongoing activity
  • Attending a scientific conference held by an outside professional society to present research results
  • Reading scientific journals to keep up to date with the latest developments in one's field
  • Mentoring graduate students on the specific research project
  • Making an invention disclosure, and some other activities related to pursuing intellectual property

Unallowable Allocations to Sponsored Projects

The following cannot be charged to a sponsored project (this may not be all-inclusive):

  • Proposal-writing, except for non-competing continuations (progress reports); this includes:
  • Developing necessary data to support the proposal
  • Writing, editing, and submitting the proposal
  • Administration, including service as a department chair or dean
  • Instruction, office hours, counseling for students, and mentoring graduate students on something other than a specific research project
  • Service on an IRB, IACUC, selection committee, or other similar group
  • Course or curriculum development not specific to the faculty member's research project
  • Writing textbook chapters
  • Fundraising
  • Lobbying
  • Work that falls outside of the definition of total UML effort such as:
  • Service as the primary editor of a journal
  • Peer review of manuscripts, regardless of whether compensation is received
  • Advisory activities for sponsors, including service on an NIH study section or NSF review panel, regardless of whether compensation is received