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Mark Shaw

Executive Advisory Board

Center for Advanced Manufacturing of Polymers and Soft Materials


CEO, Co-President and Principal, UltraTech International, Inc


Mark Shaw has lived in Jacksonville, FL since 1981 and started his initial business on the side of the dock while living on a boat.  His first product was a container that would never leak to try and meet his goal of saving the world from hazardous waste. Today that product is used extensively to treat and safely dispose of radioactive waste from the Department of Energy. Mark went on to start several companies, creating products dedicated to helping prevent the environment from being polluted or cleaning up the pollution that spills. His efforts and those of his co-workers have led to the development of over 400 new and innovative products and over 60 patents.  His company, UltraTech International, based in Jacksonville, develops about 20 new products per year and sells these through its channels of distribution, with over 1,700 distribution companies covering over 60 countries. UltraTech sells into markets such as spill containment (which Mark is credited with starting as a new market back in the early 1980s), stormwater management, oil spill response, facility protection, radioactive waste management, nanotechnologies and the oil and gas market.