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Henning Richter

Executive Advisory Board

Center for Advanced Manufacturing of Polymers and Soft Materials


Director of Materials Synthesis Research, Nano-C, Inc.


Having joined Nano-C in 2001, shortly after its foundation while being a Research Associate in the Department of Chemical Engineering of MIT, Dr. Richter has been working extensively for more than 15 years on combustion generated fullerenes, nanotubes and their byproducts. He has been particularly interested in the isolatation and characterization of fullerenes larger than C60 and C70. The other major axis of his work has been the numerical description of combustion systems by means of complex kinetic models. Previously, at the University of Namur (Belgium), Henning focused, among other things, on the optimization of yields of fullerene formation in combustion processes as well as the effects of metal and halogenated additives. He gained his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from the Chemistry Department of the Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany) and his Doctorate from the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium). He has authored many papers and has been 'Invited Professor' at the Universities of Rouen (1998), Lille (2001) and Mulhouse (2004). After having established combustion synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes as a mature industrial process at Nano-C, he is currently involved in the development of applications for fullerenic nanomaterials. He is co-inventor of several patents and patent applications for the production, separation, and purification of fullerenic materials as well as their use in organic photovoltaics.