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NCOE Funded Research

NCOE-Funded Research

Project  Researcher
Motion Control of Nanoparticles in Nanofluids under Electric Force Hongwei Sun, Mechanical Engineering and Young-Kyun Kwon, Physics
Synthesis And Applications Of Soft Electronic Materials Sanjeev Manohar, Chemical Engineering
Synthesis and Fabrication of Nanowire-Colloid Composite Particles Using Self-assembly and Emulsion Polymerization Zhiyong Gu, Chemical Engineering 
Novel Automated Nutrient Incorporation (NANI) Melisenda Jean McDonald, Chemistry, Emmanuelle Reynaud, Mechanical Engineering, Daniel Schmidt, Plastics Engineering, Xingwei Wang, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Soft Nanolithography for Manufacturing Chips for Biosensing and Chemical Sensing Mengyan Shen, Physics