UMass Lowell has unique expertise in plastics engineering, and nanotechnology for research in advanced manufacturing. Our researchers have a broad expertise in areas from flexible electronics to environmental product lifecycle impact

flexible nano electronics

Flexible Hybrid Electronics

3D printing image

3D Printing

  • New Filaments

  • Design processes and tools


Advanced Polymer Processing

  • Nanocomposites  
  • Electrospinning 
  • Molding and imprinting of micro and nanostructured surfaces 
  • Directed assembly and transfer of nanoelements and polymer blends 
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Environmental impact of Nanomanufacturing

  • Monitoring of airborne nanoparticle exposures 
  • Rapid toxicity screening of nanomaterials 
  • Recycling of nanomaterials
  • Nanomanufacturing EHS

Tailored Surfaces

  • Superhydrophobic/icephobic coatings 
  • Superomniphobic surfaces