First-ever Common Metric

The Chemical Footprint Project, launched in June 2015, provides the first-ever common metric for benchmarking companies’ management and use of chemicals, and evaluating how they are responding to the increasing market demand for safer products. 

Recognizing Company Leaders

This independent, third party tool creates a credible system that will publicly recognize corporations that show leadership in chemicals management and reducing the use of chemicals of high concern to human health or the environment.
By providing a common set of questions and evaluation criteria, the Chemical Footprint Project establishes a standardized system of measurement critical to facilitating legitimate comparisons. 
The results provide a barometer of how well companies manage chemical risks – identifying best in class performers– making it easier to identify leading companies.
The Lowell Center, the environmental non-profit organization Clean Production Action, and the sustainability consultancy Pure Strategies co-founded the Chemical Footprint Project. Find more information on the Chemical Footprint Project website.