Safer Methods and Chemicals

Industrial chemicals that are incorporated into millions of products used every day by consumers drive the global economy. Many of these chemicals have negative characteristics that can cause diseases and harm ecological systems. 
Working with partners, the Lowell Center has been at the forefront for more than 20 years to find ways to build a viable economy based on safer methods and chemicals.
Safer, Greener Chemicals
It’s difficult for a day to go by without hearing about product recalls, safety scares and scientific studies linking toxic chemicals to negative health effects. The positive news is that the public demand for safer products is driving companies to find safer and greener chemicals that are used in materials and products. 
Learn more about how the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production works with governments, businesses and advocates to advance development and adoption of safer chemicals, materials and products. Use our tools and resources to design safer products or materials from the outset, or find safer replacements.