For nearly two decades, the Lowell Center has provided leadership and technical expertise to governments, businesses and the advocacy community to advance the methods and practice of alternatives assessment to support the adoption of safer alternatives.
As government organizations, advocates and the public increase pressure to replace hazardous chemicals in manufacturing processes and in consumer products, there is growing interest in alternatives assessment to avoid substituting one toxic chemical with another of equal or higher concern. 

What is Alternatives Assessment?

Alternatives assessment is a process for identifying, comparing and selecting safer alternatives to chemicals of concern (including those in materials, processes or technologies) on the basis of their hazards, performance, and economic viability.  It is intended to support decision making for scientific, market or regulatory reasons. 
  • Reduce Hazard
  • Minimize Exposure
  • Use Best Available Information
  • Require Disclosure and Transparency
  • Resolve Trade-Offs
  • Take Action