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All personnel involved in research and teaching activities that are registered with the IBC are required to complete, at least one time, the Environmental Health & Safety Bloodborne Pathogen/Biosafety Training, which is offered monthly by EHS. 
After the initial training, personnel can renew their training by either attending the EHS training again, or by completing the CITI program online training. The CITI program can be customized for the type of research activities conducted.
All personnel at UMass Lowell who work with blood borne pathogens (BBP) are required to complete BBP training annually. General training must be updated every three years and a Refresher Module is also available.
Modules required for the basic training include:
  • Biohazard Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management-Personal Protective Equipment
  • Confining Aerosols and Effective Use of BSCs
  • Risk Management-Laboratory Design
  • Risk Management-Emergency and Spill Response
Personnel who work with BBPs must update training annually.  BBP required modules include:
  • Labels & Engineering Controls
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Universal Precautions and Work Practices
Personnel who work in Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences must also take the Risk Management Work Practices and Engineering Controls Modules.
Additional modules available include Animal Biosafety, Shipping and Transport of Regulated Biological Materials, Select Agents, and NIH rDNA Guidelines.