The Office of Research Integrity has established a Hotline at 978-934-3100 to provide a means to anonymously report potential or suspected violations.

Examples include activities such as:

  • Scientific Misconduct such as Fabrication, Falsification and Plagiarism
  • Fraudulent Use of Federal, State or University Funds
  • Violations of Conflict of Interest and Ethics Laws and Policies
  • Violations of Research Activities Involving Human Subjects, Animals, or Hazardous Materials
  • Activities Subject to Export Control Laws.

This hotline is to report concerns that relate to non-compliance with policies and procedures governing research activities and the federal and state legal requirements for these research activities.  It is not for the reporting of employee grievances such as work conditions, performance evaluations, hours of work, wages, etc. For those matters you may contact Human Resources at For equal opportunity concerns including employment discrimination, sexual harassment/sexual misconduct, reasonable accommodations and other civil rights-related matters, please contact


Calls to the hotline are anonymous. Calls go to an on-campus phone extension (978-934-3100) that records the call with no identifying information, unless the caller chooses to leave information to identify him/herself. The Director of Research Integrity retrieves the recorded messages and responds accordingly.