Workshop Participants Give Feedback

“I loved this training so much - thank you for putting this together and then inviting us to join!! This is amazing work you all are doing and we are so fortunate that you are willing to help us do this work at our own institutions.”

“Very impressed with the program and the presenters. Fantastic!”

“I was able to share it with my vice provost for faculty, my supervisor, this morning in our standing meeting, and now she wants to come in April and she's all excited.”

Activating Bystanders to Address Workplace Microaggressions: Strategic Planning for Getting A Collective GRIP®

The workshop will introduce the Get A Collective GRIP® approach for addressing microaggressions through bystander activation. UML Center for Women & Work’s distinctive approach emphasizes ways that bystander action can foster more positive and inclusive organizational cultures by promoting collective accountability for challenging expressions of workplace bias. Expanding collective organizational capacity to address bias in respectful ways has been shown to have an empowering impact and to foster more equitable organizational norms, behaviors, and workplace climate. Rather than offering a one-time bystander workshop, the approach underscores the importance of embedding the initiative within an organization. The workshop will guide participants in the development of a strategic plan for bringing about significant organizational change.

The Mobilizing for Organizational Change workshop is designed for people who have the capacity and passion to lead bystander efforts within their own organization. The workshop is offered over two days and covers the following:

  • Workshop Day 1 - In-depth coverage of the Get a Collective GRIP®approach, the preventive benefit of focusing on microaggressions, and the potential of bystander approaches to activate change in organizational norms
  • Workshop Day 2 - Embedding bystander work in your organization and developing a strategic plan for implementation

Workshop Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop, participants will: 
  • Understand the concept of bystander intervention
  • Recognize personal and systemic barriers to bystander action
  • Gain knowledge of the Get A Collective GRIP® approach for bystander intervention
  • Be able to assess your organization’s readiness to address workplace microaggressions
  • Develop a strategic plan for implementing a bystander initiative within your own organization

If at the conclusion of the Mobilizing for Organizational Change workshop, the Get A Collective GRIP® approach resonates with your organizational goals, we invite you to learn more about access to copyrighted workshop materials and additional consultation and training to support bystander initiative implementation. See below:

This opportunity is supported by the UMass Lowell Division of Graduate, Online and Professional Studies’ Corporate Education team.


Registration includes two half-days of workshop.

$495 per person, with discounts for early registration and when organizations register more than 3 people.

To gain maximum benefit from the workshop, we suggest that at least 2 persons attend from each organization. 

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