Effect Modifier Assessment: An Innovative Approach to Evaluating Institutional Impact

Organizations are not static over time; both internal and external events can influence the same outcomes that an equity program is seeking to change.  Effect Modifier Assessment (EMA) is an evaluation method designed to systematically assess alternative explanations for changes within the institution. EMA workshops gather qualitative input from members across the organization about events and changes that are relevant to the bystander or other equity program your institution wants to assess, whether or not they result from that program. This is especially important for evaluation where a comparison group or organization is not available. 
The EMA process is facilitated by the Center for Public Health in the New England Workplace (CPH-NEW), in partnership with the Center for Women & Work.
Pricing: The cost associated with the Organizational Impact Evaluation contract is determined based on the size and needs of each organization.   
For more information about the EMA: Suzanne Nobrega, Suzanne_Nobrega@uml.edu, at CPH-NEW.