UMass Lowell is deeply committed to providing students with accurate and accessible information related to their experience at UMass Lowell both inside and outside the classroom. All academic policies and procedures are published in UMass Lowell’s online catalog and the Student Conduct Code and Judicial Process. There are a number of appeal procedures in place to review issues that students may encounter.

Student Registration/Enrollment Appeals

The academic calendar clearly designates the add/drop period for each academic semester. There are no refunds after the add/drop period. Appeals related to registration/enrollment issues and requests for refunds due extenuating circumstances are reviewed by the Student Status Committee, comprised of representatives from the Registrar’s Office, Student Financial Services, Financial Aid, Division of Graduate, Online & Professional Studies and designees of the Office of the Provost. A student who has experienced extenuating circumstances that prevented the student from dropping or withdrawing from a course or courses may appeal for consideration by submitting their request to the Student Status Committee. This request may be emailed to:, faxed to 978-934-4076, or mailed to Office of the Registrar, University Crossing, Suite M10, 220 Pawtucket St., Lowell, MA 01854-5129. Claims of extenuating circumstances must be supported by documentation.

Please review this information before submitting the appeal:

  1. Students are strongly advised to discuss the academic impact of withdrawing from classes with an academic advisor, the Financial Aid Office and other areas of the university which may be impacted by a change in status as a student such as Athletics, Veterans Services, International Student Office, and Residence Life. Dropping or withdrawing from classes may have an adverse effect on your financial aid, veterans benefits, athletics eligibility, international student status, eligibility to remain in housing and probationary standing. Students who receive financial assistance in the term associated with the request may be required to repay financial aid funds, and this may impact eligibility to receive financial aid in future terms.
  2. Appeals must be made prior to the end of the academic term in which the late drop/withdrawal occurred or refund is requested. Appeals that are made beyond this time frame will only be reviewed when there is documentation of a circumstance that prevented the student from appealing within the academic term.
  3. Documentation supporting your request must be attached to the appeal. If the committee cannot verify the circumstances of the appeal, the appeal will be denied. If additional documentation is necessary, you will be notified through your UMass Lowell student email account. 
  4. Appeals that are related to medical issues should be made directly to Student Health Services. Students are required to have a licensed health care provider fill out the Request for Medical Withdrawal form (pdf) providing information on the student’s situation. The form is located on The Solution Center website.
  5. Appeals that involve instructional or academic issue(s) will be forwarded to the department chair or faculty coordinator of the major or program in which the course is offered. If the issue is related strictly to grading or a grading policy, students should see the specific policy and procedure for filing this type of appeal/complaint.
  6. If you have questions about Student Status appeal process, contact the Registrar’s Office at 978-934-2550.

Medical Withdrawal Appeal Process

Students who are requesting to be withdrawn for medical reasons should submit their appeal directly to Student Health Services. Students are required to have a licensed health care provider fill out the Request for Medical Withdrawal form (pdf) providing information on the student’s situation.

Academic Suspension Appeal Process

All students are required to maintain at least a 2.000 average throughout their academic career. Academic records are evaluated at the end of each semester. No student, however, will be academically suspended from the university without having at least one semester of academic warning. Some academic departments may have requirements specific to their academic program, however overall the minimum 2.0 academic standing is a university wide requirement. Students who are placed on academic suspension are sent a letter notifying them of their status which outlines the process for appeal for the college in which the student is enrolled. A suspended student may submit a written appeal to the College Dean or designee requesting permission to continue enrollment for an additional semester an academic probation. If permission to continue is granted, the program of study that must be undertaken and the minimum semester grade-point average that must be attained during the additional semester of academic warning will be made explicit. Detailed information on UMass Lowell’s Academic Standing can be found in the academic catalog.

Financial Aid/Student Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Process

Students are required to make Satisfactory Academic Progress to maintain their eligibility for Financial Aid. The complete Satisfactory Academic Progress policy is available online. While this is process is related to a student's academic standing, it is a separate process from Academic Standing and students must submit their appeal directly to the Financial Aid Office.

Academic Integrity Appeal Process

The University of Massachusetts Lowell Academic Integrity policy and detailed appeal process may be found in the online academic catalog.

Student Appeals Related to Grading/Faculty

The following process for students to file complaints concerning classroom matters and or grading is outline in the online academic catalog.

Student Conduct and the Judicial Process

Students who wish to make an appeal related to student conduct or the judicial process should review the appeals process outlined in the UMass Lowell’s Conduct Code. Any questions related to this process should be directed to the Office of Student Conduct at 978-934-2100.