Ad-Hoc Requests: Per University Scheduling Policy, ad-hoc requests for academic spaces (classrooms/computer labs) cannot be accepted until after the ADD/DROP period ends each term to allow for necessary updates of the academic schedule through that time. Please plan accordingly.

Class-Related Inquiries/Updates: All scheduling changes, including room assignment inquiries or changes, should be approved by your Department Chair or Designee (Dept. Admin.) and then sent to

Faculty/Staff who wish to reserve a room are able to:

  • Request a space on campus, including most classrooms, event spaces, meeting rooms and computer labs
  • Place a calendar announcement on the university website for an event

Please submit a Book It! request by following the instructions.

Students who wish to reserve a room for study or student meetings, please submit a request after reviewing the student FAQ page. To request space for doctoral dissertations or graduate thesis, please work with your advisor or faculty/staff member to submit a request on your behalf. 

Review the old and New Building Codes.

For further information, contact Office of Hospitality & Event Services.