At the end of the fall and spring semesters, the dean of each college issues a list of undergraduate students who have achieved distinguished semester records. See semester honors eligibility requirements for additional information.

In spring 2022, the Student Government Association Academic Affairs committee proposed changes to the Dean’s List. The Faculty Senate approved the Semester Honors effective fall 2023. In order to be eligible, undergraduates must have at least 12 credits of which must have been qualitatively graded, no grades less than “C” or grades of INC (incomplete).

The new semester honor categories include the following:

  • With Distinction: Semester GPA of a 3.250 to a 3.499
  • Dean’s list: Semester GPA 3.500 to a 3.849
  • Chancellor’s list: Semester GPA 3.850 to a 4.000

Semester Honors

Dean's List