110CAN110 Canal110 Canal StreetLowell
150WIL150 Wilder - Desmarais House150 Wilder StreetSouth
175CAB175 Cabot Street175 Cabot StreetEast
45LAW45 Lawrence Drive45 Lawrence DriveLowell
650SUF650 Suffolk Street650 Suffolk StreetEast
820BRO820 Broadway820 Broadway StreetSouth
AIRLAndover Imaging and Research Labs4 Corporate DriveAndover
ALCCharles Hoff Alumni Scholarship Center1 Perkins DriveEast
ALLAllen House2 Solomon WaySouth
ALUAlumni Hall84 University AvenueNorth
AMEAmes Textile720 Suffolk StreetEast
BALBall Hall185 Riverside StreetNorth
BELUMass Lowell Bellegarde Boathouse500 Pawtucket BoulevardLowell
BOOBoot Cotton Mills-TURI126 John StreetEast
BOOTBoott Cotton Mills-Tsongas Center for Industrial History126 John StreetEast
BOUBourgeois Hall71 Pawtucket StreetEast
COBCoburn Hall850 Broadway StreetSouth
CONConcordia Hall6 Solomont WaySouth
COSCostello Athletic Center275 Riverside StreetNorth
CPBCushing Turf Press Box275 Riverside StreetNorth
CRCCampus Recreation Center322 Aiken StreetEast
CUMCumnock Hall31 University AvenueNorth
DANDandeneau Hall1 University AvenueNorth
DONDonahue Hall91 Pawtucket StreetEast
DUGDugan Hall883 Broadway StreetSouth
DURDurgin Hall35 Wilder StreetSouth
ECGRist Urban Agriculture Farm69 Pawtucket StreetEast
ECRRecreation Complex225 Aiken StreetEast
EMFEast Maintenance Facility8 James StreetLowell
EPGEast Parking Garage47 Pawtucket StreetEast
ETICSaab Emerging Technologies & Innovation Center40 University AvenueNorth
FAAFalmouth Annex203 Riverside StreetNorth
FALFalmouth Hall201 Riverside StreetNorth
FOXFox Hall100 Pawtucket StreetEast
GPSGraduate and Professional Studies Center839 Merrimack StreetLowell
HAVHarbor Place at Haverhill2 Merrimack StreetHaverhill
HSGHall Street Parking Garage40 Perkins StreetEast
HSSHealth & Social Sciences Building113 Wilder StreetSouth
ICCUMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center50 Warren StreetLowell
LEILeitch Hall111 Pawtucket StreetEast
LINUMass Lowell Research Institute55 Old Bedford RoadLincoln
LYDLydon Library84 University AvenueNorth
MAHMahoney Hall870 Broadway StreetSouth
MCGMcGauvran Center71 Wilder StreetSouth
MOGMogan Cultural Center40 French StreetEast
NPGNorth Parking Garage293 Riverside StreetNorth
NPPNorth Power Plant203 Riverside StreetNorth
OLEO'Leary Library61 Wilder StreetSouth
OLNOlney Hall265 Riverside StreetNorth
OLSOlsen Hall198 Riverside StreetNorth
OSCOffice Services & Central Receiving1499 Middlesex StreetSouth
PERPerry Hall197 Riverside StreetNorth
PINPinanski Hall205 Riverside StreetNorth
PTBPulichino Tong Business Center72 University AvenueNorth
RHVRiver Hawk Village39 Perkins StreetEast
RHVRRiver Hawk Village Townhouses61 Perkins StreetEast
RIVRiverview Suites1291 Middlesex StreetSouth
RPBSouth Campus Softball Press Box901 Broadway StreetSouth
SCORichard L. Schueller Observatory901 Broadway StreetSouth
SHAShah Hall (formerly Kitson Hall)21 University AvenueNorth
SHESheehy Hall4 Solomont WaySouth
SMFSouth Maintenance Facility1485 Middlesex StreetSouth
SOUSouthwick Hall11 University AvenueNorth
SPBCushing Soccer Press Box275 Riverside StreetNorth
SPGSouth Parking Garage910 Broadway StreetSouth
SPPSouth Power Plant880 Broadway StreetSouth
TSOTsongas Center at UMass Lowell300 Martin Luther King Jr WayEast
TSOGARTsongas Center Garage152 River PlaceEast
UCCUniversity Crossing220 Pawtucket StreetLowell
USRUniversity Suites Residence Hall327 Aiken StreetEast
WANWannalancit Mills600 Suffolk StreetEast
WEEWeed Hall3 Solomont WaySouth